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One-week, summer camps at Wallops Flight Facility near Chincoteague for students interested in learning about the science and engineering of rockets and space flight. Camps start in June.
2nd Saturday Art Strolls
Participating Chincoteague Island galleries and shops are open from 6  to 10 p.m. with special events including art and craft demonstrations, exhibits, readings and book signings, live music, wine tastings.....and the unexpected.
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Island Notes

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From the Mailbox
Q - Mr. Mallard, who is that person on the upper left hand side of every page at your web site?
A - That is an Internet police artist's drawing of the typical visitor at this web site.

Q - Hey, Henry, why don't you have any colorful graphics like all the other web sites out there?
A - For three reasons. As you know, color screenprint is very expensive as opposed to the cheaper black and white (brown is also inexpensive). Also color confuses people. It makes things seem real. (Plato said that everyday reality is like shadows on the wall of a cave, and everyone knows the best shadows usually come in black and shades of gray.) Finally, as you can see from the photos of me at this web site, I'm just black and white myself.

Q - Mr. Mallard, why do the motels and bed and breakfasts charge so much less in the winter and spring months?
A - These lower rates may result from the influx of bird watchers. As you know, they spend little or no time in their rooms since they seldom leave the Chincoteague Refuge - so the rooms need much less attention, if any at all.

Register Your Pony Here
I have a special offer for those of you who plan to register the Chincoteague pony you purchase at the Chincoteague pony auction, an idea that was inspired by a visit to the National Chincoteague Pony Association web site run by a lady in Bellingham, Washington.

First, let me point out that the official Chincoteague Pony Association affiliated with the Chincoteague Fire Company is located on Chincoteague Island, of all places (Web Site: ), although those living in Bellingham, WA, may prefer somebody who lives just around the corner there.

Anyway, like the lady mentioned above, for those who live on my street and in other places, too, I've started Henry's Other Pony Association. Registration is easy. Just note your pony's name on a one-hundred dollar bill and send it to me (membership - just note your own name on a twenty), and I'll jot all the names down somewhere for you.

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